Shannon with Luke, the inspiration behind Lubelle’s designer baby bags

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The Story Behind Lubelle Leather Baby Bags

As an excited, expectant first-time Mum, I rushed out and bought what I needed for when my baby arrived. Some of the purchases turned out to be great buying decisions, some not so great.

One of the must-haves on my buying list was for the ever-present baby bag (or what I call, nappy bag). Turns out my first baby bag was one of those not-so-great buying decisions.

I didn’t want one of those generic, nondescript black PVC bags that I saw most Mums carry everywhere. I wanted something more stylish, more—well—me. The ones I really liked came with an utterly ridiculous price tag and I just couldn’t justify spending that much. I eventually settled for a not-so-cheap canvas nappy bag that I thought would be practical but wasn’t too bad looking. I compromised.

The reality

Once Luke arrived and I had used the baby bag for a few weeks, I realised it was a bad buy.

That baby bag was like a bottomless pit. I just couldn’t find anything! Plus, I didn’t feel happy swinging the nappy bag onto my shoulder and heading out. The styling just wasn’t me – it was ordinary, boring and unremarkable.

I longed for something like my stylish leather handbags but that could still contain all the must-have baby accessories I had to bring on an outing with my son. I wanted a nappy bag that made a statement about Me as the Individual, and not just Me as the Mother.

That started my pursuit for a gorgeous, stylish, but affordable leather baby bag. Practical but fashionable, a designer baby bag that I would be proud to sling over my shoulder while pushing my baby’s stroller.

I really believe that Lubelle’s Lola Leather Baby Bag ticks all those must-have boxes for modern Mums. It’s functional, sophisticated and reasonably priced so you don’t have to compromise on the function and can still enjoy the beautiful lines of designer handbags.

What’s In a Name?

Lubelle’s designer baby bags aren’t only special in design and functionality, they’re also special in the name they carry:

  • “Lu”, for my gorgeous baby boy Luke (who is my inspiration!), and
  • “Belle”, which is a beautiful woman—because every Mum deserves to feel beautiful, even when they’re carrying a baby nappy bag.

Find the Lola Baby Bag colour that fits your personality and style, today!

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